Control: C-h f means hold down control while pressing h, then release the control and press f.

Alt/Meta: M-a M-b means hold down the Meta/Alt key while pressing a and b before releasing the Meta key.

Uppercase: A means shift + a

Switch keymapping

The Tab key switches between navigation mode (blue cursor) and insert mode (green cursor).


Navigation (blue cursor)

      C-space Start command typeahead (See Command Type ahead below)
      C-space C-space Typeahead to insert function from classpath
      l   Right (Arrow Right will also work)
      j   Left (Arrow Left will also work)
      i   Up (Arrow up will also work)
      k   Down (Arrow down will also work)
      space Page down
      m   Switch to previous buffer (Usefull for swithing forth and back between two buffers)
      C-o Other window (Move between main and prompt windows)
      O   Context action (If the cursor is on a filepath Liquid will try to open that file.
          If it is a function, Liquid will try to navigate to the definition.
          If it is a url it will try to open the url in a browser.)

Copy, Delete and Insert (blue cursor)

      x   Delete char
      Backspace Delete backward
      y y Copy line or selection
      y c Copy context (Word, filename, url, ...)
      p p Paste on new line
      p h Paste
      d d Delete line or selection
      o   Insert line
      r   Replace with next char pressed
      I   Move line up
      K   Move line down
      v   Begin or cancel selection

Filehandling (blue cursor)

      s   Save file
      C-f Open file (See Find File section)

Clojure code

      C-e Evaluate current file without capturing output (for (re)-loading internal stuff)
      E   Evaluate current file
      e   Evaluate current s-expression
      1   Highlight boundries of the  current s-expression
      2   Select current s-expression
          (Multiple presses will make the cursor switch between begin and end parenthesis.)

Macro recording

      H   Start and stop recording
      h   Play recording

Searching (blue cursor)

      C-s Search (Type a search string an press enter)
      n   Next search result

Folding (blue cursor)

      + + Cycle headline/code fold
      + 1 Fold headline level 1 and code
      + 2 Fold headline level 2
      + 3 Fold headline level 3
      + 4 Fold headline level 4
      + 5 Fold headline level 5
      + 0 Expand all
      + s Fold selection
      + f Fold s-expression


      C-h h Index of Help files
      C-h f (Typeahead help for some functions)
      C-h a Apropos function. Free text search in documentation


  <b>C-q</b>   Quit editor
  <b>C-M-q</b> Force quit editor (Will quit even though there are unsaved files.)

Command Typeahead

When typing C-space a typeahead screen is shown with the following keybindings:

      space Space is considered a "wildcard" in typeahead, so "some g" will match: "Something".
      C-k  Select next result
      C-i  Select previous result
      C-g  Quit Command Typeahead
      enter Choose the selected result. If it is a snippet, the result will be pasted.
            If it is a command it will be executed. If it is a buffer, the buffer will be chosen.

Find File

When typing C-f a typeahead file chooser will be shown with the following keybindings:

      space Space is considered a "wildcard" in typeahead, so "my le" will match: "Myfile".
      C-k Select the next file
      C-i Select the previous file
      C-g Quit Find File
      enter If the selection is a file the file will be opened.
            If it is a folder, a new typeahead will be started below that.

Headline and Function Navigation

When typing gh (blue cursor) a typeahead headline navigator will be shown with the following keybindings:

      space Space is considered a "wildcard" in typeahead, so "my li" will match: "My headline".
      C-k Select the next headline
      C-i Select the previous headline
      C-g Quit Headline Navigation
      enter Move cursor to the selected headline or function