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                             Word completion

Word provides a typeahead list of suggestions based on the word under the
cursor. The suggestion buffer works like a regular buffer except insert mode
works as a filter.

The suggestions are based on functions from required namespaces and optionally
from a word list.


Type something, then press TAB. A buffer is created below the cursor. Continue
typeahead. When the target suggestion is displayed press ESC to enter normal
mode. Now use j and k to move the cursor between the suggestions. Press ENTER
to choose.

Press ESC a couple of times to cancel.

Specifying wordlist

A wordlist can be specified by setting the setting :word-list-path.

On Linux systems there are usually a wordlist on the path:  


To use is add the following to your .liq file:

    (editor/set-setting :word-list-path "/usr/share/dict/words")