help.txt typeahead-mode.txt                                 

                            Typeahead mode


Typeahead mode is a mode that can be activated for selected an item from a 
list using typeahead.

The function takes a list of items, which can be anything. A to-string 
function which should provide a string representation of the items in the 
list. This will be used to be able to match an input string. A callback 
function, which is the function that will be called with the result item. 

    (ns user
      (:require [liq.modes.typeahead-mode :as typeahead-mode]))

    (def res (atom ""))
    (typeahead-mode/run ["apple" "bananas" "pineapple" "grape" "kiwi"]
                        #(reset! res %))
    (deref res)