help.txt test-forms.txt                                     

                             Test forms

Forms to evaluate to test and try different functionality.

The forms can be used to experiments with different build blocks when
extending Liquid.


Evaluate ns form with c p p load dependencies:

(ns user
  (:require [clojure.string :as str]
            [liq.editor :as editor]
            [liq.buffer :as buffer]
            [liq.commands :as commands]
            [liq.window-manager :as window-manager]
            [clojure.pprint :as pprint]
            [liq.util :as util]))

Meta data

(meta (((-> @editor/state ::editor/modes :fundamental-mode :normal) "t") "a"))
(meta (((-> @editor/state ::editor/modes :fundamental-mode :normal) "t") "b"))
(-> @editor/state ::editor/commands :testc meta)
(-> @editor/state ::editor/commands :testd meta)
(meta (((-> @editor/state ::editor/modes :fundamental-mode :normal) "t") "e"))

Function lookup

(->> (all-ns) (map ns-name) (map name) (str/join "\n"))

(->> (ns-publics 'liq.commands) vals (map meta) (str/join "\n"))
(->> (ns-publics 'liq.buffer) vals (map meta) (map :doc) (str/join "\n"))

(->> (all-ns) (map ns-name) (map name) sort (str/join "\n"))

(->> (all-ns)
     (mapcat #(ns-publics %))
     (map meta)
     (filter :buffer)
     (str/join "\n" ))