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                          Orchard Integration

The plugin liquid-orchard is for enhanced goto definition functionality.

The plugin is located here

Wrapping the library

which is designed to provide common functionality for Clojure development.

The plugin is not included in core liquid to keep the core free from external

The current version of the plugin will replace the built-in goto-definition
function with keybinding g D.

Since orchard is capable of much more, the plugin will probably grow over time
leveraging even more functionality.

Using the plugin together with liquid is done in two steps:

 1. Add the liquid-orchard to class path
 2. Load the plugin to modify the editor to use the functionality

Add liquid-orchard to classpath

One way to do that is starting liquid using

    clojure -Sdeps \
      '{:deps {liquid-orchard 
                {:git/url "" 
                 :sha "eace7a5b23eac0ed1d74b8a1f598a289ff5d9f37"}}}' \
      -m liq.core

Code to be added to .liq

    (ns user 
      (:require [liquid-orchard.core :as liqo]))


Of cause it can be added in many other ways. Only thing needed is the
classpath to be in place and the load-liquid-orchard function to be executed.