help.txt command-navigator.txt                              

                            Command Navigator

Typing space-space in normal mode will activate the command navigator.

Adding content

    (ns user
      (:require [liq.extras.command-navigator :as command-navigator]
                [liq.editor :as editor]))

    (command-navigator/add-file "/tmp/tmp.clj")
    (command-navigator/add-files-below "~/somefolder")
    (command-navigator/add-folder "~/somefolder")

    (defn my-function
      "Some documentation"
      (editor/message (str "It works " (rand-int 100))))

    (editor/set-command :my-command #'my-function)

This piece of code will:

 * Make it possible to open /tmp/tmp.clj from the typeahead

 * Make it possible to open every file below ~/somefolder from the typeahead
   recursively. (Be careful not to include too many files!)

 * Make it possible to open ~/somefolder in dired mode. (Better choice for
   folders with a lot below.)

 * Look up my-command in typeahead by command name and documentation and
   execute the command.

Evaluate the code. Type space twice, and try it out!