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The main inspiration for Liquid is VIM. The intention is that people with VIM 
experience should be able to adapt quickly. I find VIM really great for 
editing text. Since Emacs also has its areas of superiority, I find no reason
not to get inspired by that as well. This is primarily in regards to 
extensibility and major modes.

There are two kinds of modes. Inspired by Emacs there are major modes which
defines the behavior in a given context and to provide app-like 
functionality. Major modes can have built in modes, which are more like VIM 
modes for modal editing, like insert mode, normal mode and visual mode. 
Insert mode is usually targeted text entry. Whenever possible and when there 
are no conflicts, some Emacs and some Spacemacs keybindings are implemented. 
In a perfect world Emacs users would spend all the time in insert mode, while 
VIM users would switch back and forth between insert mode and normal mode. 

Extra help

Since a lot of functionality is inspired by VIM, please also consult the VIM
help while this project is getting mature. Of cause not all of VIM 
functionality has been implemented, but a lot of the basic stuff is similar. 
Please write me if some very fundamental feature is missing.